Movie Review: Zodiac

I LOVED Zodiac. I really love investigative movies where we follow clues with the detectives/journalists and come to conclusion, Zodiac was one of them. The only difference is we can’t find who Zodiac is in this movie. It is about a man (maybe a group of men or maybe woman ?) named Zodiac who terrorizedContinue reading “Movie Review: Zodiac”

Movie Review: Robert Langdon Series

My father has been bugging me about reading the Robert Langdon series for a long time. So instead I decided to watch the movies (Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Inferno) I don’t know if the movies were adapted in accurately and in a good way, but I liked the movies a lot.  Robert LangdonContinue reading “Movie Review: Robert Langdon Series”

Movie Review: Spotlight

I liked Spotlight. It is rare to find a movie which revolves around criticizing Christian institutions, especially Catholic Church. I am accustomed to the criticization of Islam through various movies about 9/11 and Youtube videos and it should be criticized but seeing Catholic Church under the spotlight feels so fresh.  The movie is about aContinue reading “Movie Review: Spotlight”

Movie Review: Marie Antoinette

Kirsten Dunst’s Marie Antoinette is one of a kind. It is a kind of historical movie about Marie Antoinette’s life starting from her marriage to Louis XVI till she left Versailles following angry mobs by the hunger-stricken people of France. The reason why I said kind of historical is because it seems like it isContinue reading “Movie Review: Marie Antoinette”

Movie Review: Ida

Following my fascination of life in convents and nuns after watching The Little Hours, I searched for movies about the topic. I came across this Polish movie called Ida, and I absolutely loved it. It’s about a young woman preparing to be a nun and it has a big surprise.  The movie takes place inContinue reading “Movie Review: Ida”