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I liked Spotlight. It is rare to find a movie which revolves around criticizing Christian institutions, especially Catholic Church. I am accustomed to the criticization of Islam through various movies about 9/11 and Youtube videos and it should be criticized but seeing Catholic Church under the spotlight feels so fresh. 

The movie is about a group of journalists working in Boston Globe and the process of them learning about this culture of abuse (specifically kiddos) in Catholic Church and putting it out there. They researched a lot, interviewed a lot and finally pinned it on the Catholic Church. I felt that the tedious process of research and trying to reach out to religious personnel, abuse victims, attorneys was very well depicted. I really respected investigative journalists. I watched the movie with a friend and we were cheering when at the end of the movie the newspaper was finally printed. It was really frustrating that the world has waited so long to speak out on such an important issue. A church personnel (I don’t remember who) was saying to the newspaper that just because there were some abusers, it shouldn’t be pinned on Catholic Church and it shouldn’t be written in the paper. I’m guessing that wouldn’t be the case if it was their children whose mental health was deranged after such an abuse. It’s really interesting to see how some people have a huge bond with a religious institution that they can’t even criticize it when something big happens. Religion does really weird things to a person’s judgment. In the movie Sacha couldn’t tell her grandmother that such things were happening until after they printed the newspaper. Her grandmother cried and it was heartbreaking because sometimes religion is the only thing a person has. The only branch in the tree which they can hold on to. 

A man in the movie (unfortunately I don’t remember who) said that institutions are man-made but God is the real one. A lot of people say that about Islamic institutions and Christianic institutions worldwide. That may explain church’s inability to follow God’s teaching such as not hurting kids, etc. If that’s the case for a lot of people, then why are still going to chucrch or the mosque? Why are they still seeing religious personnel as people who deserve extra respect? Hypocrites. Just as I said, religion does weird things to people’s brain. 

To sum it up, you should definitely watch Spotlight. It’s a great movie and makes you think about religion and what it means to us as a society.

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