Movie Review: Marie Antoinette

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette in Marie Antoinette

Kirsten Dunst’s Marie Antoinette is one of a kind. It is a kind of historical movie about Marie Antoinette’s life starting from her marriage to Louis XVI till she left Versailles following angry mobs by the hunger-stricken people of France. The reason why I said kind of historical is because it seems like it is few genres fused together in a very good way. One of them is a reality TV show: Keeping up with the Kardashians. It feels like we get a peek into the lives of very rich people and their lives filled with gambling, expensive drinks and food and balls. It is fun to watch yet it drugs your brain. There are some very specific similarities of characters in both shows too. Marie Antoinette doesn’t care about her people just as the Kardashians are very ignorant of problems happening in USA. Another genre is: teen/high school drama or romance. The soundtrack makes you feel like you’re in a teen movie. The dances, flirtations between characters are like out of a teen movie; the only difference is that they are in 18th century costumes. 

The acting was good. The innocence of Marie Antoinette was portrayed nicely at the beginning of the movie: leaving her dog, leaving her friends, etc… Louis XVI is an interesting character as well. He is very obsessed with keys and very uninterested with Marie Antoinette. His uninterest was portrayed very well. 

One of the questions I asked myself while watching the movie was the children of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI plus the children of royal families past and present was “Are they guilty?”. Even though those children don’t do anything, they get exiled therefore their shitty families. They get mobbed and the society have prejudices against them. However, I think I would have prejudices against the whole royal family if I was poor and hunger-stricken because of the monarchy. 

To sum it up, Marie Antoinette is a very fun movie to watch. Although don’t expect to learn some history. You would learn history better from a book.

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