Movie Review: Robert Langdon Series

Robert Langdon Series - Tom Hanks

My father has been bugging me about reading the Robert Langdon series for a long time. So instead I decided to watch the movies (Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Inferno) I don’t know if the movies were adapted in accurately and in a good way, but I liked the movies a lot. 

Robert Langdon series are about Robert Langdon (obviously), a symbology professor at Harvard University. He is so famous that in every crisis relating somehow to art history he is called to solve it. He solves the crisis in the Louvre, Vatican and Istanbul. Plus, he always has a woman counterpart helping him to solve the case. They’re like his muses (?). 

I find the acting fine. It’s not extraordinary but I like it. It fits to the movie. Plus I like the way the movie goes. The screenwriter first makes us pin the guilt on a character who turns out to be extremely different than s/he is. The guilty party is then the person/group who seemed so innocent from the beginning. I like this technique (is it a technique?) because it keeps the movie going, it keeps us hooked to the movie. 

One other reason why I really liked these movies are the topics. Even as a child, I really liked art history and archaeology and secret societies. I have watched a lot about them and read a lot about them. It feels like going back to my roots after having to ignore those topics for such a long time. Plus, detective work have always interested me. Putting the pieces, looking at the evidence, analyzing and reaching a conclusion (even if I’m watching) makes me really excited. That’s exactly what Mr. Langdon did, he looked at symbols and writings and came up with a conclusion. To sum it up, if you’re into art history or something similar and like detective work, you should definitely watch these movies. 

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