Movie Review: The Intouchables

the intouchables
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The Intouchables is a French comedy/drama movie which premiered in 2011. It is a movie about a disables man (Philippe) who is fully paralyzed except his face, and a man (Driss) who became his caretaker. The topic, the soundtrack, the scenes are all absolutely beautiful. I loved the movie.

I really liked the story, it was heartwarming and it also showed racism in rich-high society French people. It was heartwarming because it showed Philippe holding onto life again by the help of someone who is utterly different than him. Philippe is a middle aged, educated, rich, white man who lives in a palace-like place. He likes classical music, and operas. Driss is a poor, uneducated, black man who lives downtown in a chaotic household. He likes rap, and pop; hates opera, and classical music. He smokes and is energetic. This difference is what makes them a very good pair. Driss takes Philippe out of his slow-paced, boring life and pushes him out of his comfort zone. Driss is like a breath of fresh air in his life. Plus, this movie shows people’s perspectives against people who are of color. Philippe’s friend says to him something like “What are you doing with this man?”. Would he say this about a white man who has the same characteristics as Driss, I’m not sure.

I really liked the soundtrack too, especially the piano piece. Its’ name is Una Mattina and is composed by Ludovico Einaudi (Youtube link). It’s a beautiful piece, it reminds about the good and bad in the life. It’s like a gorgeous flower standing still when winter comes. It’s similar to Driss and Philippe’s situation, Driss changed Philippe’s life for the better when everything seemed boring and bad.

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