Movie Review: The Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride
Credit: IMDB

Corpse Bride is an animation movie directed by Tim Burton, and Mike Johnson. The voice actors who voice the main characters Victor, and corpse bride Emily are respectively Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter respectively. It is a movie about a groom-to-be Victor marrying a corpse bride accidentally in the forest while he was practicing his wedding vows, and traveling to the world of the dead.

I liked the animation. The characters looked like they were made out of play dough with very intricate details such as their hair pattern. The animation of the scene, and objects were good too. It had a very gothic/dark feeling. That feeling was too much. It choked me. Everything was dark, black; everything had a sad feeling. That feeling was a lot especially at the beginning, in the world of the living. That feeling faded when Victor went to the world of the dead; there were a lot of music, colors, and dancing. It was really interesting to see how the world of the dead was more alive than the world of living. Perhaps it is because we don’t really know the value of our lives and have fun until we don’t have the chance anymore. I would also like to comment on voicing. I liked Depp as the actor for Victor. However, Carter didn’t fit the Corpse Bride at all. Her voice didn’t match the appearance. The bride is long, slim, and young; Carter’s voice didn’t match. It was crispy and older than I expected.

I liked the topic but the story was weird and boring sometimes. Especially at the beginning, I got very bored. I closed the movie a few times before going back. Also, at the end, I was very confused. Victor agreed to marry Emily first. I didn’t understand if he loved her or if he was pitying her. Then he decided to marry Victoria (the woman he was supposed to marry from the beginning) when he saw her again? He changed the woman he wanted to marry in a day. Why did he do that? I didn’t understand. Victor’s character lacked any depth, it was shallow. His intentions weren’t conveyed properly to the audience.

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