TV Show Review: Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries
Credit: Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries is a 12 episode TV show in Netflix. It used be a TV show aired in a normal TV channel years ago, and Netflix apparently decided to bring it back. It has 2 parts, the first 6 episodes premiered in summer and the other 6 episodes aired a few weeks ago. In both these parts, there is 1 supernatural episode (such as alien-sightings in the first part) and 5 murder/disappearance episodes. I absolutely loved the series, I love getting excited and I love trying to solve puzzles in my head.

My fascination with the series stems partly from its awesome editing. The soundtrack, visuals adds to the horror and excitement. The mysterious soundtrack at the beginning is very scary, and creates a scary environment perfectly. Plus, the reenactment of the scenes makes it even more scarier. Although, I have to say that some of the reenactments were really unnecessary. This was the case for the second part, they had a scene where a woman was getting abducted by actors/actresses. I thought it was horrible, and such pivotal scenes shouldn’t be acted. I wish they would stick to scenes where the deceased was walking, speaking with people, doing their jobs; not such horrorful scenes. Also, they showed the face of the woman who died in a Norway hotel room when she died. I don’t think such photos should be shown too. Showing photo of a person when they’re alive is very different than showing a photo of someone who is dead. I was really shocked and horrified.

The stories which really took my attention from the first part was “”House of Terror” and “13 Minutes”. “House of Terror” is about the murder of 4 kids, and their mothers’ murder in their house. The suspect is their father, who is on Interpol’s list, who has disappeared. The reason why the father (if he really is the murderer) did this, and where is he right now are big questions. “13 Minutes” is about the disappearance and murder of a hairdresser. The number 13 refers to the time gap she was last seen by a woman passing the hairdresser in a car , arguing with a person (not know if a man or a woman) and the moment it was realized that she was missing by one of her customers. Her remains were found approximately a year later in forest behind a store.

The ones which took my interest in second part was “Death in Oslo” and “Lady in the Lake”. “Death in Oslo” is about a woman murdered in a very prestigious Oslo hotel. This woman seemingly entered the hotel without an identification, and a credit card. That alone screams fishy things. Plus, all her clothes’ brandings were removed and the gun which was found in her hand had its’ ID number removed. The removal of brands in her clothes, and the removal of ID number indicates that it may be related to spying. I think this is what happened because it seems like it was tried really hard to conceal this woman’s identity. We don’t even know her real name. I think maybe someone in the hotel had something to do with her murder because you have to pay and leave your ID card to the reception. The other episode which really interested me, “Lady in the Lake” is about a woman’s disappearance after she went to church in a cold afternoon. I think this is the fishiest episode in the 2. part. A policeman found her car in front of the church,  an assumed that something happened to her? Although the car was registered to someone else (her cousin, her brother or her ex-husband I don’t remember), they called her daughters? Anyways the police first thought that she committed suicide because there were imprints of a butt in the snow leading to the lake which is across the place where the car is parked. A lot of people think this is impossible because it is impossible for her to walk in that snow leading to the lake because she was wearing very high-heeled boots. Her body was found approximately 2 months later in a river in Canada by fishermen, which is connected to the lake police thought she committed suicide in. This is fishy also because her cousin, which she had some problems over inheritance was in the police department. I don’t think she committed suicide, I think someone pushed her to the river and she died of hypothermia.

The show was very exciting but it is sad to see how they’re such bad police work. For example, “Lady in the Lake” and some other episodes in the first part. I hope the families of those victims gets some closure and find some peace in their life.

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