Movie Review: Inglorious Basterds

inglorius basterds
Credit: Netflix

I loved Inglorious Basterds. It is a movie about American Jews trying to take down Nazi armies and possibly Hitler and his associates in Europe by ambushing them plus with the help of a German actress turned English spy in WW2. In addition, there is also a Jewish girl who got away from the Nazis who wants to kill Hitler and his associates by burning them in her cinema. I loved it because the acting was good, the story was good, the costumes and set were good and most importantly the tone of the movie was more hopeful and light-hearted than other movies I’ve watched about wars. 

I  found the acting skills of every actor good but Brad Pitt as Liutenant Aldo Raine was really good. His tone of voice in an assertive and fatherly manner was good and fit the character. Christoph Waltz as Colonel Hans Landa was very good too. The hatred and evilness behind that smiling, friendly face was portrayed really well. 

The story hooked me too. Are the going to be able to plant the bomb in the cinema? Are they going to be able to burn down the cinema? Is Shosanna going to get caught to the Colonel? Will Hitler die or escape? All those questions and a lot more occupied my mind and made me want to continue with the movie. Especially the fear of Shosanna getting caught was a lot and I wanted her to be successful with her plan which is burning down the cinema. 

I really liked the costumes and the overall atmosphere the set gave me. It was different, obviously, and it fit the time. I really like movies from another century when the costumes and set are done meticulously. I feel like I’m transported into that time and place. But the thing that I liked the most about the movie was the tone. It’s as if I was in an alternate plane and there was hope in some people about killing Hitler and his associates. It was light-hearted in a way, and it was good. At least at the end, it felt like the bad guys got what they deserved.

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