Movie Review: Social Network

the social network
Credit: Netflix

Social Network is a movie about Mark Zuckerberg and how he became a billionaire by creating a social networking site from the comfort of his dorm room. It also shows the audience a “peak” into the intricacies between Zuckerberg and his friends, and how they handled sharing the company. The reason why there are quotation marks around the word peak is that we don’t know if that peak is real or not. There are some real parts for sure but we don’t for certain know what happened between some characters such as Winklewoss twins and Zuckerberg. But does that matter? I don’t know. Zuckerberg has always been the rich Harvard guy who founded Facebook to me even after watching the movie, and I liked the movie. The acting is good, the story hooks you and it is after all about an application which changed our lives. 

The acting was good. Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg was good, especially taking into account the appearance aspect. He looked like him. Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Severin, and Armie Hammer as both of the Winklewoss twins (it’s really interesting how they made him play two persons in the same scene) were good too. In those cases however, the appearances didn’t match. Nothing was out of the place, nothing seemed unnatural in their acting.

The story was hooking. I’m around the same age Zuckerberg found Facebook and it’s interesting to see how a simple idea of rating girls turned to a social media giant generating billions. I guess simple ideas are the ones that generate more money. The problems between Zuckerberg, Severin and Winklewoss twins relating to position of them in Facebook and how much share goes to who, are also interesting. It must be really hard losing and going behind your friends’ back for money. The story may not be true %100 but I liked watching it. But I learned that the part about rating and ranking girls was accurate, and it’s disgusting to hear 🙁

To sum it up, Social Network is a nice movie and you should watch it if you’re interested in tech companies and see a semi-accurate movie of how one of those companies rose to popularity and what went behind the scenes.

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