TV Show Review: Good Girls

good girls
Credit: Netflix

Good Girls is a 3-season (renewed for a 4th one) American series on Netflix and it’s really good. I don’t know why it’s not that popular but it deserves a lot more recognition. It is about 3 friends Beth, Annie, and Ruby (Beth and Annie are sisters) trying to navigate their lives when suddenly everything seemed to go south financially. Beth’s husband lost a lot of money in his car dealership company (and cheated on her), Annie is a single mom who works minimum wage in a grocery store, and Ruby is a minimum wage worker who needs money for her daughter’s surgeries. One day, they decided that it was enough and plunder the grocery store Annie worked in and it turned out that the money stored in the vault was actually a powerful gang’s money. From there, they had to pay the gang back and the gang mobbed them to do their dirty work for them such as getting fake money from Canada. When they were set free, they decided to dirty work themselves such as printing fake money and robbing grocery stores and banks, but got caught up with the gang again. 

I liked this series a lot because the story is really good. It doesn’t have superb cinematographic scenes or techniques but it has a character which are characteristics that are usually not depicted in TV series (I’m talking about him in the last paragraph) and it fills time. I was always asking myself several questions: Are they going to get caught? What will happen if they get caught? Are the gang members going to kill them? What are the gang members going to do when they’re done with them? Those questions pulled me in and made me want to continue watching. 

In the next season, I want the screenwriters to give Rio (gang leader) more screen time. I want to know how he got into this business and what made him so cruel that he kills innocent people. Plus, I want Beth to divorce his husband. He cheated on her, but then she cheated on him with Rio too so it’s best that they divorce because that marriage is not a marriage anymore. The problem is when I was watching new season’s announcement on Youtube, there were a lot of comments wishing that Rio and Beth were together. I don’t want her to be with Rio, he’s a murderer. It seems to me that a lot of people think it’s okay to ignore a person’s bad actions when he is a handsome, successful gang leader. The serie gives that impression too. After he killed a friend of Beth, Annie, and Ruby; none of them seem to be disgusted, or distraught deeply. 

This series is also important for another reason: it gives visibility to trans people. The actor who played Annie’s daughter at the beginning of the series transitioned throughout the series and the fact that we went through the journey with him is important because we don’t see such issues displayed in series or movies often. Indeed, this is the first time I’ve seen a trans person depicted.

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