Movie Review: The Little Hours

The Little Hours

The Little Hours is a religious mockery. I was eyeing this movie for a very long time, but never had the chance to watch it. I have seen it’s trailer but I guess September 2020 was the time. Even though the reviews for this movie are horrible, I have found some comedic elements good enough to write about it here. 

It is about bored, cheeky nuns who are looking for some fun. These nuns are in a convent somewhere in Italy in 1300s. They swear, they lie and they gossip. They lead unhappy lives. One of them is looking for love, one of them is looking to marry if she can get out and one of them is just frustrated, and unhappy with her life. When a seemingly deaf and mute boy comes to convent for help in the garden, things all change and they become even more cheeky. They become more accurately horny. 

The downfall of this movie was that it was primarily based on nuns’ horniness. Of course they swear, lie and gossip but the main sin or wrongdoing of nuns seems to be wanting to have sex. Whenever sex is too much talked about, implied or just shown; i fear that it is a coverup for the screenwriter’s inability to find another good topic. I felt the same way here. It seemed like they couldn’t find something different which would still make this movie a good comedy. They could’ve used other sins such as eating too much, jealousy, laziness, etc. I think it definitely had a good potential but it was wasted. 

I think the acting was really good and also the concept of religious mockery and scenery and cinematography, I just wish it was used better. Specifically Aubrey Plaza’s mimics and acting are really good anyway. If have some free time and are looking for a near-good comedy, The Little Hours is a movie I would recommend. Also, I couldn’t find the connection between the title The Little Hours and the movie. If anyone has an idea, please comment down below!

Dave Franco and Aubrey Plaza in The Little Hours

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