Movie Review: Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery
Credit: Netflix

Murder Mystery is a Netflix comedy movie which stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It is a movie about a hairdresser – Audrey –  (Aniston) and her husband – Nick – who is a police who lies about being a detective and gaining lots of money. She wanted to go to Europe for their 15th wedding anniversary, and they met a very rich gentleman in the plane who offered to give them a tour of Meditarrenean shores with his rich uncle’s yacht. Consequently, the rich uncle is murdered and a search for the murderer(s) started while some other characters also got murdered. It is a good movie for people like me who like detective books or movies, but it has some not very good aspects too. 

I liked this movie because the story was written in a very Agatha Christie way. The scenes we see usually at first points to someone who is completely innocent and we understand the real guilty party at the end. I loove reading Agatha Christie books and the screenwriters manipulated us, the audince, into thinking the wrong things very well. 

The acting was average. Although a lot of people say that they don’t like Sandler’s acting, I liked it. He played the role of disinterested husband well, he was good. I didn’t like Aniston’s acting. I don’t think she fits into these comedic roles. Her acting made me cringe. It’s like she is in the wrong place. Her mimics and gestures just didn’t fit into the role of attention hungry, stressed out wife. 

The other thing I didn’t like was the other characters besides Audrey and Nick. They were really out of place. The clothing, talking style, mimics, lifestyle…It’s like they came out of an Agatha Christie book but they don’t fit. They don’t fit the time. Some of them fit the place but generally they made me feel like they were exported from England, Japan, Russia, etc (the character’s country of origin). They weren’t real characters, they were shallow. The screenwriters tried to create an exotic and diverse cast but the actors don’t play people. 

I couldn’t understand their motives, pscyhologies, and desires. They were a decor to the movie rather than people. If some of them were explored much deeper, then maybe I could fit them to the time and place. But they were supposed to be people so this situation spoiled the movie for me.

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