Movie Review: San Andreas

san andreas
Credit: Netflix

San Andreas is an action-adventure movie which stars The Rock, Alexandra Daddario, and Carla Gugino. It is about the San Andreas fault line, which is in California. It follows Blake and her friends (her soon to be boyfriend Ben and his brother Ollie) trying to hold on to life as earthquakes occur which have magnitudes ranging from 7 to 10 with the help of her divorced parents Tom and Emma. At the end, they all survive. I liked the movie, the excitement and adrenaline was there. But it had some aspects which spoiled the movie for me. 

The movie really flowed. It was really exciting, we didn’t know who was going to survive. In addition, the editing/animation was really good. The way Golden Gate Bridge collapsed, the tsunami, collapsing buildings, collapsing floors, the way water fills the floors was incredible. It felt very real, sometimes movies with catastrophes doesn’t feel that real. The acting was good too. The fear, the love, the pain, every emotion was depicted really well.

The thing I didn’t like about the movie was first the makeup and appearance. Until the end of the movie, Emma’s makeup was nearly perfect and her injuries which resulted in a lot of blood seemed to have been miraculously healed in a few hours. By the way, she fell down a few floors in a sinking building, and nearly died in a tsunami 🙁 I don’t believe that those injuries healed in such a short amount of time, and her makeup didn’t look as if something bad happened. The other bad thing was a lot of things were out of place. For example, Blake and Ben kissed smoothly and calmly when the building they were on was sinking? It was out of scene, out of place. It was really weird. The same thing happened with Tom and Emma. Tom kissed Emma before he tried to get their daughter out of the sinking building. It felt out of place too. How did that happen? They were behaving like normal divorced parents 6-7 hours ago? I’m not saying that love is weird in such situations but is it all you think about when the Earth is literally shattering under your feet. I think the screenwriters tried to spice things up with love but the character development leading to those scenes weren’t written in a good way. They weren’t thought well. I think they could’ve done the character development better and kissing and scenes about love wouldn’t seem as weird. 

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