Movie Review: Battle

Battle Movie
Credit: Netflix

It is very hard to find a proper movie in Netflix. When we first started to use Netflix as a family there was nothing. I think it was 20 movies at max. Now there are a lot of movies but Netflix’s algorithm doesn’t allow us to find those good movies. Just because I watched a cringy, cheesy movie; do you always have to recommend me those types of movies my dear Netflix?

Anyways a dear friend of mine sent me a twitter thread about good films, and I found a good film: Battle. It was not legendary or fascinating but it was fine in terms of topic and cinematography. It was released in 2018, and it took place in Norway (when I watch films which take place in Europe (especially the Scandinavian ones) I wish I lived there). The movie is about a girl born into a rich family whose life drastically changed with her father’s untimely bankruptcy. Her name is Amelie. She is a ballerina and has big competitions ahead her. There is a huge rivalry between the girls and they all work hard. Plus, he has a rich boyfriend. One time when Amelie was having a party at her house, her father kicked them out, and in a few minutes the confiscation people came in. Boom, they left their huge-ass house with pool and went to a motel. The poor girl couldn’t find any place to exercise in her house so she found a youth center. In youth center, she fell in love with an immigrant boy who also dances. They danced together and at the end, they ended up making out and other things. The weird thing is that Amelie still didn’t break up from his rich boyfriend. Everytime he tries to speak with her, she evades him; she is a hypocrite. I think it’s because she loved an immigrant boy who doesn’t really fit into her socioeconomic circle. Anyways, at the end of the movie she broke up with that rich boy and got together with the immigrant boy. 

The point I’m criticising is that in the movie cheating is showed as something which is something normal, somewhat tolerable. Maybe it’s because it’s a Norwegian film. Maybe this is normal for their culture. But if that’s not the case, it’s weird. We never see Amelie apologizing to her old rich boyfriend. She continues her life like nothing happened anyway. Nor any sadness neither any discomfort… I’m just pitying the old boyfriend. Perhaps the scriptwriter wants us to pity her because her dad got bankrupt ( unfortunately that’s not an excuse). Anyway, if you want to fill up your free time, you can watch The Battle. At least it’s not cringe or raunchy. 

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