TV Show Review: Lucifer

Credit: Netflix

When I hear “Hello, Detective!” with an English accent, I smile a little. It’s a sentence Lucifer uses in nearly every episode. Lucifer is one of the best TV series I watched. I was on a TV series-hunt after my senior year and I think I saw Lucifer on Twitter. Actually I started Lucifer with low expectations, and I wasn’t really surprised after finishing the first episode. The topic, actors unknown to me, cinematography, the fact that the main character is speaking in an English accent like trying to attract teenage girls, all reminded me of bad series like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. However, Lucifer completely exceeded my expectations and I’m expecting the second part of season 5 with a big excitement. 

Lucifer is the Satan himself and he came to LA after getting tired of managing Hell after thousands of years. As far as I can remember, when the series started he is in his 5th year and is managing a very luxurious bar. One day, someone got killed in front of his bar and detectives and police officers filled his bar. That day, he met a detective called Chloe and fell in love with her. To be closer to her, he became a police consultant in LAPD. At the beginning Chloe was mostly ignoring him but as soon as Chloe started to like him back, something happened and now Lucifer was ignoring Chloe. While we, the audience, is watching them chase each other; we also watch Lucifer and Chloe solve some pretty interesting homicide cases. 

One of the things which affected me most was something Lucifer said at the beginning of the series. He was saying that he wasn’t making people do bad things, he was just making sure that they were getting the proper punishment. We always blame things to others, karma, the universe, God; but we also have our own conscience. We never put the blame to ourselves. When I had a fallin out with my friends, I blamed them; I didn’t have the strength to blame myself. But when we look at ourselves, we may see that we are sometimes guilty too. Other thing which affected me was other people’s point of view regarding Lucifer. When people learned that he was Satan, they were really afraid of him and getting away from him no matter how good Lucifer was to them. He was a fallen angel and he opposed God thousands of years ago. People tend to focus on your past even you’re good now. 

One thing I didn’t like was the chasing. It took long before Chloe stopped ignoring Lucifer and it made me tired. When I said to myself they’re finally together, Lucifer started to ignore Chloe for some other reason. The screenwriters never properly make them come together. Other than this little criticism, Lucifer is a fantastic Tv serie. 

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