Movie Review: The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying is a great movie, and I might say a surprising one. It is written and produced by Ricky Gervais (he stars too – as Mark Bellison). I was not expecting it to be bad, as Gervais has a big role in the movie but the extent in which he mocked religionContinue reading “Movie Review: The Invention of Lying”

TV Show Review: Ricky Gervais – Humanity

I don’t usually like talk shows but I liked Ricky Gervais’ Humanity. It is a funny, and different talk show where he talks about important issues. I first heard of Gervais a few years ago, I learned that he was the screenwriter of The Office. I’m not a huge fan of it like everyone else,Continue reading “TV Show Review: Ricky Gervais – Humanity”