Movie Review: The Trader

Credit: IMDB

Director: Tamta Gabrichidze

The Trader is a mini-documentary (only 23 minutes) about a poor Georgian (the country) village where potatoes are the currency. The interviewers follow a trader buying things from the town, and his efforts to sell those items in the village. The prices are for example 9 kilos of potatoes since that’s what they produce in their lands. It’s a very sad documentary because the things I take for granted are luxuries there. The glow and sorrow simultaneously in those children’s eyes when they look at the colorful notebook and many other small things, and realizing they can never get is just horrible. One old man also said that he doesn’t have a dream, and his dream was to go to university when he was younger but he couldn’t go due to financial reasons. This really affected me and made me re-evaluate my perspective on my life.

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