Movie Review: Issi & Ossi

Issi & Ossi
Credit: Netflix

Premiere Date: 14th of February 2020

Director: Oliver Kienle

Screenwriter: Oliver Kienle

Cinematography: Yoshi Heimrat

Issi & Ossi is a German romantic comedy movie. I decided to watch it in summer because I was bored and decided to improve my German. It is about a mega rich girl (Issi) who can’t get permission to go to culinary school because her parents wants her to get a solid degree. She decides to fake having a boyfriend from a low social class with no “proper” education so that her parents will get angry at her and let her go to the culinary school in New York. She befriends Ossi, who is a boxer in dire need of money for his family and boxing training. Isi gives him money but they fall in love for real and Isi decides to stay in Germany.

I was actually not going to write a review for this movie because there is nothing really deep or controversial to review. However, as I’m writing this I realized that there may be some things I want to point out in the movie. Generally, I liked the movie. The scenery is nice, the mansion they shot some of the scenes is very nice to look at, it’s funny. The love between the characters is cute to watch. The idea is very cliché – rich girl and poor boy – but it’s not why I have some issues. It portrays people in low socioeconomic areas as people to pity, people who are uneducated, people who shouldn’t hang out with the “rich”. I don’t think that’s something intentional but it is what it is. When a girl dates a boy from a belonging to low class to make her parents angry, it portrays people from low class not as humans but kind of outcasts. But it’s good that Isi found happiness with Ossi when their socioeconomic situations were very different. I am criticizing her parents. Anyway I’m not even sure what I’m saying makes sense because I feel like I digged too deep into the movie when it’s not that deep of a movie. It’s a nice comedy movie if you want to relax. I recommend it.

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