Movie Review: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is an interesting movie. This 1975 movie stars Jack Nicholson who plays Randle McMurphy. It is about McMurphy, who is not an insane person but rather a felon who is convicted of several unimportant crimes, and him trying to navigate life in a psychiatric hospital. He became friends with some people who have minor (what I mean is mean they are in the hospital willingly) psychological problems such as Chief, Billy, Martini…They then went on to have some fun by escaping the hospital and stealing a boat one day, and drinking, having some fun another time. While all this is happening, the patients especially McMurphy have a villain: Nurse Ratched (they did a show on her which premiered this month in Netflix).

Maybe you are wondering why I have written unimportant italicized in the paragraph above, it is because in the movie it seems like the movie’s producer, director, screenwriter saw it as an unimportant crime. One of the reasons why McMurphy was convicted was that he slept with a 15 year old girl who told him that she was over 18. When he was telling this story to the pscychiatrist in the hospital McMurphy didn’t seem upset or distressed about this. He was joking about it. It is rape and it was shown as something not very important, so this was a downside of the movie for me. 

Acting was so good that it made me scared and sad. Nicholson was good but the other actors impressed me much more. Brad Dourif was so good playing a character with stutter and Danny Devito was very good to playing a character with obsessive tendencies. Will Sampson playing the Chief was very cute and heartwarming. They felt really real. I felt sorry and asked myself how I would feel if someone I knew had such problems. 

The story was good. The movie interested me because I’m interested psychiatric disorders. However, the movie didn’t hook me the whole time. It was slow-paced and didn’t reach its’ peak. It kind of bored me. At the beginning, I was expecting to see a riot against Nurse Ratched or a doctor, or maybe they would find a way to escape and we, the audience, would be wondering whether or not they will get caught. I was expecting that climax point in the story but it never came. That was disappointing. There was one time when they could escape but they wasted it. It was very dumb. Having said that, it’s a good time in terms of acting and topic.

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