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The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann is a very nice movie. It is about Gatsby, a veteran of the I. World War and his attempts to gain his lover before war, Daisy Buchanan – who got married and had a daughter, through a show-off of lavish parties and luxury with the help of his neighbor Nick Carraway who turned out be Daisy’s cousin. Gatsby is played by no other than Leo DiCaprio and Daisy by Carey Mulligan and Nick by Tobey Maguire. The acting, the cinematography, and the fiction all make you watch the movie but in these types of movies (where the the movie is adapted from a book) I can’t help but feel a bit shallowness in the movie. I’ve been wanting to read its’ book for a very long time but I haven’t so if anyone has read the book and watched the movie, please comment down below and tell me what do you think!

The acting was good. DiCaprio played the role of a rich man who is in love really well. His mimics, his gestures conveyed that emotion really well. But I’m not sure if I can say the same thing about Mulligan as well: I couldn’t understand her actions when they went to a hotel to party about who she loved and why she left their mansion with her husband. She was having so much fun with Gatsby. It made me really confused about why she does the things she does. Or maybe it was the purpose and Mulligan played her part really well: maybe they wanted the audience to be confused because Daisy was really confused. A similar thing happened with Carraway: was he interested in Gatsby because of the lavish parties he threw? Was it because he was just creepy? At the beginning of the movie he talked very nice about Gatsby, like he is so unique that there is no one like him around him. Yes, Gatsby is very nice for a person with such wealth but I didn’t feel like we saw that uniqueness in the movie. Maybe he was in love with him? I don’t know. I think one needs to read the book to understand such questions. 

The movie was really hooking even though it had some slow-paced scenes. It was hooking because it had a story which pulls girls like me. It’s nice to think that someone that rich would be in love with you and tries to attract your attention by throwing very very lavish parties. It’s a nice dream. Another reason was I’m not American and I probably have never seen a movie about the time right after WWI. The hair, the fashion, the etiquette, places, etc. were really interesting to me. The visuals were really strong. They felt really authentic and I felt like I was in those times in those places in America. 

To sum it up, you should definitely watch The Great Gatsby. It’s a really good movie. However, I wish I watched it after I read the book because I’m sure some of the misunderstandings and questions resulted because I didn’t read it. 

Leonardo Dicaprio as Gatsby in The Great Gatsby

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